Return of my Lung Cancer

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Seven years ago I had the upper lobe of my right lung removed due to discovery of an adenocarcinoma (stage 1). For five years my regular oncology visits, lab work and scans showed no presence of the cancer. After five years a small nodule appeared on one of my right ribs directly below the incision from my first surgery. Biopsy indicated an andewnocarcinoma. I had two sessions of chemo followed by a chest resection to remove the tumor. Edges of the removed tissue/bone were "clean" I then followed up with radiation. Three months after the surgery, we noted an increase in my CEA level to 10. Over the past two years it has steadily been increasing up to a level of 180 which was reported today. Scans performed over the past two years were negative. My layest CT Scan results which I received today revealed"several'" small nodules in both lungs(size ~ 6mm). Onclogist has diagnosed as a return of my lung cancer and has recommended chemo which is to start the end of January.

I am 68 years old and in otherwise good shape. Having just received this news today has set me back a little mentally. Has anyone experienced similar evbents that they can share. Also, where can I receive some info on what I can expect from here?

Thanks in advance


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    Am very sorry to hear that you're having a recurrence. You can find others who've had a similar experience by searching the CSN site using keywords--just type keywords like lung cancer, recurrence, etc. in the text box next to "Search" in the blue area above. You can send CSN email to the folks you find that are matches. There are also some great talk shows and personal stories by lung cancer survivors--some with recurrence--that you can listen to or read on the CSN. Best Wishes, Greta.
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    Hi, Tom I am a 59 year old female and was first diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the lung in 2000. I've had four recurrences involving surgeries, chemo and IMRT radiation. What concerns me about your latest diagnosis is the assumption that you have metasteses. Is there a possibility that the nodes are new primaries? Also, have you had a PET scan to determine if these nodes are malignant? After numerous treatments for lung cancer, scarring is common. Also I've read that former smokers sometime develop benign nodes. Whether or not these nodes are mets or primary can make a big difference in the type of treatment you need. If you are unsure about treatments, I would get a second opinion. It amazes me how reluctant people are to do this even when their life hangs in the balance. Hope I have not sounded like a know-it-all, because I don't. I know you feel really down about this, but look at me...I'm still here and have a reasonably good quality of life. Stay positive. As long as there is treatment you can control this. All the best of luck to you.
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    Hi Tom;
    Yea, your not alone; The beast came back to me also. After 2&1/2 years of being NED, I was told on Fri 12/19 that I had 2 lesions on the brain. Your right about it being real depressing this time of the year cause it certainly is. I just went through letting the family know and we have a large one. I find thats the tough part for me. Were just all so powerless over the whole da_n thing. I'll see my med. onc. on Tues and have a meeting scheduled on Weds. (Christ. Eve) with a radiology oncologist and we'll see were it goes from there. I also think I saw your post on; I'll send ya a note over there too. I've found over the last couple of years that it's real comforting to have support from others who have been there. Fact is, it's a Godsent!!
    anyway Tom, you'll be in my prayers
    God bless and stay well
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