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Does anyone out there know if a recurrence of the itch equals a recurrence of the Hodgkins?
I am 12 months beyond ABVD chemo and radiation. Many symptoms/pains/fever have been ongoing since chemo, but now the itch is back. I'm very nervous that it means what it did the first time.
This is an "itch" that resembles mosqitoe bites or needle jabs - mostly on hands, arms, stomach, back, legs, feet. It started about a week ago and seems to be accelerating daily.
Any input or experience would be most welcomed.


  • dpomroy
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    I sure understand why that would make you nervous. Have you spoken to your doctor about it? Maybe it is a delayed reaction to the chemo or to a medication you are on. I'd rule out those less scary possibilities first.
  • stepet
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    Get your thyroid checked. It also can cause itching and tiredness. I was just told that my thyroid is not working at all due to the radiation to the mantle area. Don't panic just get it checked. My doctor said that the thyroid usually takes years to show signs of failing after radiation and my treatments ended less than a year ago. So I suggest everyone get their thyroid checked!