Question about GCC-B1 test

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Hi everyone!

Have any of you had any experience with the GCC-B1 test? It is supposed to be much more accurate than the CEA test in determining whether there is a recurrence or whether there is metastasis before any tumors appear.

My onc is willing to do it, however, he said the company that offers the test would bill me and it would be up to me to get reimbursed by my insurance (it's $495.00). My onc said that even if the test shows cancer cells in my blood, probably the most that could be done would be closer monitoring and diagnostic tests more immediately if something seems at all abnormal, but there isn't any protocol in place in situations where tumors have not yet appeared.

I'm still leaning toward having the test done, but if there's nothing they can do, maybe it's not worth it. Does anyone know any more about this? Does anyone know of any cancer centers that might deal with patients who know there will be metastasis, but where tumors aren't growing yet?