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My name is Leslie, I am 20 years old and a seven year survivor of Hodgkin's Disease stage 4. Although I am cancer-free, I still have some lasting effects from chemo. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with tachycardiya in my heart. My doctors swear this is genetic, but I have read up on it and I think it's from adriamyacin. I ended up getting a pacemaker last year which is pain, but it's a small price to pay IMO.

Has anyone else had similar problems? I look forward to talking to you all soon!



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    ****. If you had radiation anywhere near your chest, the odds of it being genetic are slim and none. That's ridiculous!
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    Hi, I tried to initiate some chat and everybody split. My son has serious complications from irradiation. I welcome any help or inquiries.
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    Hi Leslie,

    Did you have radiation to the chest or chest adrimycin? Both can cause lasting problems. You might want to get a copy of the book Childhood Cancer Survivors by Nancy Keene. Lots of pratical and helpful information there, including a listing of clinics that see long term survivors. Sometimes you need to see someone who has seen survivors in order to get the help you need.
    If you would like to meet other survivors and some of the physicians who work with them you might want to join the long term survivors discussion list. You can find the list at click on mailing lists and then the LTS group. If that doesn't work you can write to me directly.
    Linda Zame([email protected])
    Healing thoughts,
    Linda Zame