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I had surgery last november (mastectomy with tram flap) and again in March 03 (cleaning out dead tissue in the tram flap region). Both times, I felt like I had also lost half of my intellegenc. I would start a sentance and forget what I was sying half way through. I have heard some of you referr to "Chemo Brain" but I didn't even get chemo. After the mastectomy I would laugh and say half my brain must have been in my right breast.
now I have to get another modification of the abdominal wound to close the hole (only took a year) and I am dreading coming back from the anesthsia. I really am doopy afterwards.
Has anyone else experience this? Is there anything I can do to avoid it? Treat it?
Thanks, Beth


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    Well Beth, I don't know about you but I think alot of my brain cell loss(ha!ha!),is part family history, part A.D.D., and aging. I also had the same surgery,and no chemo ,at about almost the same time, but don't worry to much. Take vitamins, and ask a natural health store person what you should take, it is very interesting to learn how everything works. P.S. It can spread to your spouse, after living together for a period of time, my husband is always saying he is lossing more brain cells. (IT IS FUNNY, BUT OH SO TRUE) , I JUST SAY ITS NEVER A DULL MOMENT, AND LAUGH ABOUT OUR (BLONDE SPELLS) TAKE CARE JAN
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    Hey Beth -- make sure you tell the anethesiologist that you are slow to wake up. I am quite susceptible to the anethesia and was told years ago to inform the drs about being slow to wake up. I had to stay in the hospital an extra day they were so concerned.

    I had 3 breast cancer related surgeries in 3 months last year and then an apendectomy this aug. That's a lot of anesthesia and by golly, I can sure tell a difference in my attention span. I try to work crossword puzzles, play solitaire on the computer, make myself remember little stuff -- but most important -- I write everything down on little slips of paper and then spend the day trying to remember where I put the notes!!

    Hang in there! :-}
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    Thanks for the "Been there too's" and the smiles. Beth