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hi all

my aunt, who is more like my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in october. she found out because she had fluid building up around her heart and the fluid tested cancer. she has done two rounds of chemo and the cancer has moved so rapidly that they took her off the treatments and gave her 2-6 weeks to live. i am trying to talk her into hospice care, but she doesnt want that to be the end. she wants a second opinion, but i saw the films, a second opinion is okay, but they will still her there is nothing to do but live the rest of your life to the fullest. the cancer is around her heart now, moved to the other lung, around her esophagus, and now her voice box in two months. we had our little end of life converstaion, but i dont know how to prepare myself for this. this has been so hard on me, the guilt of i could be there instead of here, i should call her more, i should send flowers, ect. its hard. just looking for some support.


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    Hello...your story sounds familiar, except for that fact that my cancer was removed along with my left lung. My nieces are all nurses, and took turns coming to help me with my recovery...nieces are a wonderful support system. Don't let the survivors guilt get to are here for a purpose. Just do what you can to help you aunt through this tough best to you and my prayers are with me any time...
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    Hospice is not the end. I've not talked with any hospice employees that don't have at least one miraculous success story to share. Besides the absolute hope of the aforementioned, we are only in a small section of our eternal time continuum presently. My wife was recently dxed with nsclc stage 3B that has much of the same characteristics as your aunts. Never give up. It's time for hand to hand combat (on your knees). Hopefully my wife and your aunt can both become part of the lung cancer survivors club newly being formed in this forum.