recurrent bladder cancer plus supply question

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Hi, My father-in-law was found to have bladder cancer a couple of years ago and had a radical cystectomy. He has a urostomy and his insurance won't pay for any of his supplies for that. He and his wife don't make that much money and he has trouble getting his supplies. Does anyone know of a source to get some help with this? Also, he just found out 2 weeks ago that he has had a recurrence, this time down by one of his kidneys. He is supposed to have surgery and more chemo. He told his doc that he couldn't go through chemo again, but his doc said the chemo wouldn't be as bad this time. I have no idea what therapy he was on, as he doesn't know the name. Has anyone gone through chemo after recurrent bladder cancer, and was it as bad the second time around for you? Thanks for any help you can give me.