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I never chose reconstruction because they take a muscle from your back, fat from your abdomen, there is no feeling in it I have been told, and the "nipple" is a tatoo! I use a prosthesis and when dressed, it looks the same without the risks! I don't mind the "natural" look, but I am in my fifties, and each woman has to choose for herself. But I felt that less is more in my case.


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    Maggs you are correct each must choose what suits them best. I tired of the in and out of a prothesis and the how to with summer and water . . . I had saline implants and the aerola is the tattooed area while nipples in my case are small pieces of skin cut, folded back and "tacked" down (around) to form a nipple. I do have feeling when touched, not completely like a real breast but I was so large before I had little feeling due to the dense nature of my breasts. It is a VERY personal decision and one must be well informed and know what fits her lifestyle best. My half sister chose nothing as far as reconstruction and no prothesis and is happy as a lark with that. A decision she made after weighing her personality and her options.
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    Hi maggs, I had the reconstruction tram flap, and all is well, it was done in January and I went to work 4 weeks later. I am a hair stylist,and was able to work with out any prolbems , but I am 38 years old and most women who are a bit older choose not to do this. I am glad I desided to do this, because I don't feel like I lost anything ,and the nipple is not just a tatoo, it is skin formed and attached to you, and if you want color - you can have it done to match the other one. JAN