yoga during chemo

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My moms best friend is about to start chemo. What good videos or dvd are out there for yoga during chemo? Excersize and meditation. Thanks, kemont


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    Hi Kemont:

    There are many Yoga/meditation videos out there today. Some are excellent and some not so great, in my opinion. Seems that many are attempting to reinvent Yoga...perhaps in order to net larger sales. At any rate, during chemo, I'd recommend something gentle...particularly for someone new to Yoga. (I personally prefer the traditional Yoga methods and practices)

    I'd suggest Wai Lana's Yoga. She offers a beginner's series which is very gentle, soothing, etc. and ends each session with a simple meditational position. Great for the circulation and respiration, as well as the spirit. You can peruse the products available and find out how to order by visiting: Hope it's helpful.

    Best of luck to your Mom's friend!

    Love, light and laughter,