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A good friend is being trteated for advanced lung cancer after a period of remission. Today is in the hospital in Coral Gables and is quite depressed and in need of visitors. Freinds are doing what they can but a support group would be helpful for encouragement.

Is there any local group that we could call?

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Peter Wallin


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    I'm not sure of anything specific to your area, but I'm a stage IIIb survivor and probably the most supportive group I've been involved with besides family and friends has been the Pulmonary Rehabilitation center at my hospital in Indiana. Perhaps you could inquire at your local hospital. This group includes not only the re-hab program professionals, but a group of survivors that continue in a "maintenance" program. They are not all cancer patients, but all have lung problems. Hope this helps, they have been a great source of knowledge and inspiration to me.
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