low white count

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I finished chemo at end of January and radiation at end of March. I got pretty heavy duty chemo, FAC, taxotere and herceptin. I had trouble the whole time keeping my white count up. Had to take neupogen every round. But now still has not come back up. Once was 3.2 but has been dropping ever since. Most recent 2.0, just had some additional lab work this week. Has anyone else experienced this. Becoming kind of worrisome.


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    Hi blossom, sorry to hear about the low wbc's. I found a site called www.holistic-on-line.com that has some great info about vitamins and which ones will help build your immune system. Check it out if you'd like, but remember if you decide to take anything please check with your doctor first. Hope this helps. God bless. hummingbyrd
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    I don't know the figures for white count, I never paid any attention to it, cause mine was always fine. I just wanted to say I will put you in my prayers sweetie, and HUGS to you. You sound like you are in need of lots of HUGS! HUG, HUG, HUG, HUG, HUG, Love Cammie
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    Blossomtime. I finished chemo (A/C & Taxotere) at the end of June. Had Neupogen (for white cells) and Procrit (for red cells) with almost every round with A/C. But by the time we got to Taxotere, they decided my blood chemistry was NORMALLY low for both. Even when the white cells were as low as yours (2.0 or lower) and when the red cells were low, the doctor kept asking me if I was abnormally tired or susceptible to colds/infection. The answer was always that I felt the same. I was glad to know that my life-long complaint of being cold at night during the winter was probably due to being on the anemic side. But, I think our bodies learn to accommodate our situations over the months/years. My co-workers looked like Hell last winter due to colds and flu. And here I was, with supposedly the most compromised immune system of all, plugging along with no problem. Just because the numbers are low doesn't necessarily mean you are in a bad place...at least it wasn't in my case.