Anybody after CBV HDT followed by autoSCT?

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I am just two weaks after last line of chemiotherapy and they want to make HDC and auto SCT as soon as my WBC will grow i.e. in the beginnig of next week probably (now it starts to go down slightly). Unfortunatelly tumour is located on Th11-Th12 of spinal column and it is what they call early relapse.

Is it very strong to go through CVB? As I know they usually apply some kind of BEAM HDT before autologous SCT, but in my case - I was resistant to this type (I got slight version - dexaBEAM - without results). Did anyone had CBV instead? Unfortunatelly, I also have not much material for transplantation and it was taken from bone marrow, not blood - just 2 400 000 of CD34+ (stem cells) per kilogram. Doctors says that I would stay at hospital not less than 2 months (there are not many cells and they are young - taken during "harvest operation" from bone).

Is it possible to work on lap top for instance or one's too tired to do anything? How long the worst effects lasts?

Waiting for information from you.
Thanks a lot.

Witek, 29, Poland, Cracovia


  • AlloMan
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    Dear Witek,

    I'd like to help you out, but can you tell what are: HDC? CVB? HDT? CBV?

    I've had my fair share of alphabet soup chemo but these are unfamiliar.
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    I am assuming that your CVB is a high dose chemo cocktail. I had ICE and VP16. The high dose chemo for me was harder than regular chemo. I also had the bone marrow harvest and they did not get nearly enough cells for my auto transplant. They were hoping to get 5, would've been OK with 2.5, and only got 1.1. Your 2 is a little lower than they would like. They went ahead with my transplant anyway, and here I am alive and kicking over a year later. I am cancer free since last February despite having so few swimmers to start with.

    In the hospital I had enough energy to use my laptop, chat on the phone, and even use an exercise bicycle. The thing that has been the hardest to get back is my stamina, but it is getting back to normal slowly.

    Good luck Witek. I can be e-mailed at home too [email protected]