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Thank you to everyone who prayed for my friend, Ben. He had his surgery on Monday, Nov.24. The dr. told his family they were looking at a 10 hr surgery, that he wouldn't be out of surgery until about 5 p.m. he was out by 2. Everything went well,and they think that they got all of the cancer. I talked to his wife today and she said his spirits are better now then before he went into the hosp.
Lord, the power of prayer,he answered our prayers once again.


  • Snookums
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    Sounds like a beautiful Thanksgiving is on the way for all of you! God Bless- Candy
  • DeeNY711
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    That is great news, Cinder. Thank you for taking the time to let us know. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
  • hummingbyrd
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    Ahhh, the power of prayer, nothing quite like it. Love to hear those praise reports!
    God bless and Happy Thanksgiving, givings lots of thanks this year! Tell Ben prayers are still being said for him. Love ya, hummingbyrd
  • JAN22
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    It is a Happy Thanksgiving to hear all is well with Ben,I am still sending my prayers you'r way,( possitive fellings will send out good chemicals through the body and keep you well ). Everyone around him should also support him with the possitive attitude,and the healing process will go faster. GOD BLESS , JAN