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It has been an interesting last year with the renewed sense of health, coping with all one must and still able to smile, to laugh, inspite of it all. I said in a reply that I prove doctors wrong and myself wrong often. The doctors have pushed the stress thing when ever I haven't gotten over a side effect that my body didn't like. Anti depressants for the first 1.5 years after finishing treatments though I suffered through that too. No one wanted to talk about the side affects that might be occurring more interested in finishing the treatments that had almost got me once or twice.
Finally 2 14 months after treatment I was being treated for the diseases I have and with every disease treated another reared it's head.
7 years later and it is coping with the rest of my life and the many losses that prove to be the challange. Accepting the flow of life isn't easy sometimes with aging and dying parents with a lot of disappointments along the way. I am so grateful at times like these I still have this message board to lay all I feel. With so much going on we sometimes find ourselves trying to spare those we love, let alone tell them all we feel. There has been only one prayer for me it seems and that is for the strength to get through all I must. To be able to be there for my better half facing the loss of a parent. I am learning to truly LIVE, in the good and the bad of my life.
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    Hi Tara,

    Just wanted to say good to hear from you. There are still some of us "old timers" that are on the site. Even though that is a word I don't use much (old), you know what I mean.

    I haven't heard from Pam Triggs or her husband John for a couple of weeks now, She wasn't doing good. The cancer has spread to her brain and causing lots of complications. I know she has been trying to hang in there for her son's wedding this month. Just thought you would want to know, in case you haven't heard.

    I am doing great. I am participating in the breast cancer vaccine trial and doing very well.

    Keep us posted from time to time.

    God Bless,
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    Tara, it never ceased to amaze me that the physicians and nurses who actually work day in and day out with oncology patients know so very little about the physical effects of the treatments they dish out. And forget the physicians, nurses and anesthesiologists who do NOT work with oncology. How could they be so consistently uninformed?