Atlanta Breast Cancer, Stage IV - Met

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I need treatment, I have COBRA and am out of network and employer provides no insurance. There has to be some place I can get treatment to stay alive.


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    Call your local chapter of the American Cancer Society to obtain help in defining your options. Persistence pays. Hope this helps. Hugs, Denise
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    Have you tried calling the hospitals in your area to see if they offer any clinical trials that you may be able to particpate in? Don't give up my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    Hi, I don`t know if this will help but I was on my husbands insurance and when I went for my first chemo, the dr, came back to me and said we couldn`t start it because the insurance I had refused to pay for chemo or Radiation. The dr. said I would be treated but let her see what they could do first because she didn`t want me to have a heart attack with the bills. I was also very worried but they found different ways to help me . Start calling the Cancer Society and the Nurses that work with those who have cancer,YOU will be surprised at how much they will help you..There is no way they cannot treat you unless (you) decide you don`t want treatment.So don`t worry,I have been there.There is always a way.....KittyCat
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    Hi, Atlanta. I'm a Director of HR for my company so I deal with insurance issues all the time. Since you say you're on COBRA, I'm assuming that means you are no longer employed or are on disability. But COBRA is a Federal law which extends your medical coverage (at your own cost)and should provide the same medical insurance you had when you were fully employed. You mention that you are out-of-network and coverage was being denied, which I'm gathering means you have an HMO, which only provide coverage when you're within the network. It sounds like you really need to have your treatment costs covered so my suggestion would be to go to an in-network provider until you can get things straightened out. I know it's hard to change doctors and facilities when you have a relationship of trust with your current one, but I know I'd go nuts if I thought I or my family was going to end up paying 100% of the charges.....if they'd even agree to treat me. If you need more information on this, please feel free to e-mail me directly at [email protected]. Good luck - insurance is a nightmare but particularly to those of us who so desperately need the coverage. And as the other women have mentioned, there are organizations out there who may be able to help.
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    What I think you are saying is that COBRA is way to expensive to keep for a long time?????? Consider the fact that the bills will be much larger without the coverage. Also, some organizations that provide assistance would rather help pay the COBRA rather then the bills.
    Good Luck, Beth