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I am looking for others whose implants ruptured or were replaced due to age (expected to rupture as they were getting old) to find out:

1. How you decided whether or not to replace
the implants with another pair
2. If you waited until your imlants ruptured
or replaced them before they could rupture
3. If you replaced your implants instead with
tissue transfer (fat from elsewhere on
your body)
4. How you found your doctor
5. If anyone knows how to find out which are
the best reconstructive surgical units and
6. If any have had problems getting/keeping
health insurance coverage because of the
implants and which companies are best for
health coverage for those of us with


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    Excellent questions and I apologize for "riding on your coattails" but I am new to this and I have not thought about that yet. I cannot wait to see the replies- Thank you for asking. Candy
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    I hope you get this reply. I have been gone for a couple of days and just read your post. This coming January it will be 14 years since my mastectomy and reconstruction. My implants are still going strong and I do have some encapsulation. I can't answer all your questions, but I'll try what I can. I still have yearly follow up visits with my plastic surgeon so that my implants are checked regularly. As long as your insurance is with a large group and not an individual one, they usually have no exclusions on pre-existing conditions, at least in the state of Virginia where I'm from. If it is a small group where you have to medically qualify, then they can put exclusions on the implants or give you a waiting period. Check with your State Bureau of Insurance. Each state has different regulations on small groups and individuals. I know the Federal government has some regulations on breast cancer patients concerning what things insurance companies can and cannot do, but your state office would know all that. If you are a cancer patient, then you have either a surgeon or oncologist. Ask them who they would have perform the surgery on their family member. I am just assuming from your questions, that you have either moved since the first surgery or need to find another doctor. Why do you think your implant will rupture?

    Well, I hope some of this has helped, but if you have more questions, please email me on this site.

    God Bless,