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I was diagnosed with anal cancer in May 2002. I went through chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. My skin is very sensitive now where the radiation burns were. I haven't found any underwear that doesn't cause irritation and I still have to wear loose pants. Is this a problem for anyone else? Does anyone know if this sensitivity should eventually go away?


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    I hope you see this. I would suggest you try "jockey" underwear. I was in the same situation and for a while was wearing what I call "chic boxers" - found them at Target stores. Once I seemed healed more, I went back to Jockey. YOu might also try looking for "boy cut" jockey underwear. I have some of these and they are great.
    I too still where loose pants and I hate panty hose. My guess is eventually it should be better.
    Are you still using any cream? Like Eucerin?
    good luck
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    Don't know if you are male or female, but I know what it is to have those burns (female) After radiation, my tx was sitz bath 4x/day, I was painted with gention violet 1x/week for six weeks. After every trip to the bathroom, I had to apply aquaphor soothed the burns well.
    I also had to use vaseline gauze to my female area. And I didn't wear underwear for a whole month. That's just me. And it worked for me....I didn't go out much at that time, so it didn't matter. I am very fair skinned and my burns were horrendous! But, they DID go away. Even now (2years) later...I get a little redness in my crease of my upper part of my legs. Again, I apply a little aquaphor cream and let it ALL hang out.....for a little while any how. So, you see, it does go away. I wore loose underwear after that...and now, just a little redness appears. Once you feel it burning just a little, put something on the area so it doesn't get worse. Any more suggestions, anyone?
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    Hi there:
    I hope that this posting finds you in good health & spirits.

    I had the same problem as you. Luckily, I was being treated by a doctor who specializes in Pain Management. If you aren't being followed by a Pain Management Doctor, I suggest you go see one. They will help you out with the pain and the sensitivity that you are going through.

    You can also try wearing boxer briefs, since they are looser than jockeys and more form fitting than boxers.

    Also, try doing Sitz Baths and keeping the area as clean as possible. If you have a showerhead that can be hand held you can use that while in the shower. When showering use an antibacterial bath soap, such as Dial, to help combat infection.

    Don't put on any lotion without testing for an allergic reaction. The last thing you need is to have a burning sensation on top of what you are feeling.

    Hopefully this will help you.

    Take care and be well.

    Lefty. . .