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I know that we don't typically use this forum for social or political commentary, but I was just wondering what everyone thought of the Rosie O'Donnell quote that recently came out in the media - I'm referring to the statement she made to a staffer regarding having developed cancer as a result of her alleged lying - part of the testimony given in O'Donnell's suit/countersuit trial - excerpted below:

"Cindy Spengler, who was head of marketing at the magazine and a breast cancer survivor, said Ms. O'Donnell once accused her of lying. She says O'Donnell said, "You know what happens to people who lie? They get sick and get cancer. If they keep lying, they get it again."

It is a quote Ms. O'Donnell did not deny.

Rosie O'Donnell: "That's an unbelievably painful thing. I know, it's the monster that took my mom. I know. We had had many talks about breast cancer, that was not our first one. I'm sorry that it hurt her the way she did. It was not my intent."

But Cindy Spengler went on to say that she asked Ms. O'Donnell, "Your mother died of breast cancer, was she lying?"

Ms. O'Donnell, she said, answered yes -- that her mother had lied about a childhood incident. A reference Ms. O'Donnell's apparently being molested by a male relative."

Frankly, I was incredibly shocked - especially, given the fact that Ms. O'Donnell's Mother passed from cancer and that she has a history of working with and for public causes.



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    Rosie O'Donnell is, in my opinion, to say the least a very mixed up, lost, hurting woman. First of all, if lying caused cancer, EVERYONE would have the disease...
    including Rosie O'Donnell.
    Course she may have it, I don't know that much about her, but even if she does I certainly don't think its related to lying, malicious acts or any form of punishment.
    For me the key to cancer is what you do with it after you get it, not why you've got it. This I think holds true for any major tragedy in life.
    It's a cliche' but tis true:
    Life is what you make it. If you get a bowl of lemons, make lemonade.
    A lot of people are given everything they ever want; and they are some of the most miserable people in the world.
    Ms. O'Donnell, unfortunately, seems to have had some tragic childhood events that she has yet to resolve. Let's not let her unresolved anger with her mom negatively impact us.
    Interesting topic DJC. Thank you for the change, never hurts to discuss current events regarding things like this, at least not in my opinion.
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    I agree with Hummer - she is one mixed up person who has let success - maybe - go to her head or whatever. I hope Oprah never has such a breakdown but then I never watched the Rosie show much tho' Oprah has done so much good and seemed to keep her head on straight too.

    A more stupid comment is hard to imagine!

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    Dumb thing to say. She did appologize. We have all said things in anger we would like to take back. We are lucky enough not to have our mistakes appear on the front page of the newspaper. I am sure Rosie O'Donnell does not think one gets cancer from telling lies.
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    Seems like just another celeb airing dirty laundry in a public forum. Or having it aired. Either way, it's a senseless, thoughtless, very unenlightened comment. It's unforntunate but people who do not take steps to ensure that they DON'T hurt other's have nonetheless committed the transgression.

    What WE think doesn't count so much as what the
    woman to whom Ms. O'Donnell made the comment, thinks. If she was/is able to consider the source and not take affront, then she is in a good place. However, the rest of us can certainly venture a guess as to some of Ms. O'Donnell's personal issues, reflected through such a ridiculous comment. If it was uttered in anything other than the spirit of comic relief (and even then it was in poor taste) then Ms. O'Donnell must be very emotionally undeveloped, suffering a serious lack of resources in her thought processes and verbal expression. Sort of like saying: "The Devil Made Me Do It" More along the lines of something one may expect to hear in an elementary schoolyard.

    Anyone in the public eye (celebs, politician's, etc.) are keenly aware of the power of words...most willing to go to great lengths to not utter anything which could even remotely be miscontrued. That accepted, we're left wondering what on earth Ms. O'Donnell was thinking when she made that comment.

    If these are her true colors, then may she wear them well, until she wears them out and perhaps then find better colors...insight and sensitivity, together with a broadened vocabulary with which to express her new found insight. We can only hope!

    Ever notice though, how society , in general, has become careless in how we treat one another? Sad state of affairs but probably a reflection of living in a world so filled with transition. Stress rules and "me first" attitudes are prevalent. Consequently, empathy and kindness are too often lacking, while rudeness and anger find more comfortable expression.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    her Royal Higness is a over bearing wind bag of hot air. she thinks just because she has money she can flaunt the fact she is gay and bad mouthing people who have cancer, Hey at least that gal she criticized made it through. Hey rosies mom died of cancer her name suits her attitude. Thatis why the world is the way it is now because of people like her, Sha makes me sick,,,,,,