My Grandfather was diagnosed today

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I am not a survivor of cancer, but my grandfather was diagnosed today with throat cancer. The doctors have said that it has reached his lymph nodes. I am not sure what exactly to prepare for. Is there a chance he could get better? Could someone share with me what to expect? At this point, he is eating only foods that are soft and can barely talk. I am soooooo upset :(


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    The CSN guy was right in directing you to material on the subject. There is just so much to learn...
    My tongue cancer spread to [1] of my lymph nodes and radiation took care of it. But, treatment options depend on the type of cancer and its aggressiveness and many other factors.

    It is definately a good idea to educate yourself on the subject.

    Good luck.

    - matt
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    On 8/5/97 I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell cancer in my throat. They did a radical Laryngectomy and also removed my thyroid and lymphnodes. I had been hoarse for a very long time but had no idea I had cancer. It had not spread to my lymphnodes; therefore, all I had was about 3 months of radiation, no chemo and I am doing great today. A good Attitude is VERY important and kinda hard to keep, as people do not understand my Electro-Larynx and at first, I got my feelings hurt real easy, but people have to be educated about this rare voice that we have now. I do not use it under my neck, but have an Oral adapter on it which makes it much more clear.I do hope that your Grandfather will be alright..Just don't let him give up. I have been a survivor will be 7 years on 8/19/04. Praise the Lord. Since it has spread to his lymphnodes, he may require chemo too. The International Laryngectomee Association has a website and you get get information from them. Take care of it now, don't wait.