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hi i had lung cancer stage IIa they removed my upper right lobr no chemo i'm so afraid of reoccurance can anybody tell me what to look out for i had surgery 4/17/02 it's been 1+1/2 years i hear with lc 2 years with non occurance is a goode sign thanks for any info also what and how often with test's


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    Hello T-Candy;

    I'm 2 & 1/2 years out NSCLC stage IIB, squamous type, left pneumonectomy on 5/2/01. thanks for the post, one of the things that my oncologist told me is that we gotta learn how to listen to our bodies. Easier said than done, but after I read your post I just called my doc and set up an appointment cause I hav'nt been. Nagging pain in right upper back that I've been living with on and off for a couple months. So again thanks, this is all part of being diagnosed with cancer, that fear of recurrence. I think it does get better with time but it will always be there. Just my opinion. I also think it's very important to be an advocate for your own health and I' ve also found a support group is very helpful. I belong both here and at

    As far as testing goes, I see my oncologist every 3 months and have bloodwork and x-rays taken. At the 6 month interval we add ct scans of the head. chest and abdomen. I have also had 1 bone scan done last spring. Overall, my health is pretty good but with one lung I have to be very careful. Colds, allergies, the flu can really wreak havoc so I'm learning to to listen.

    In many ways if the cancer is gonna come back, well its just going to come back. Meaning I have little control over it. So I'm learning how to live life one day at a time making the most out of it. Yea, I know easier said than done but learning and working on my acceptance.
    good luck to ya, great topic
    God bless and stay well
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    Hello tcandy..I to had Stage IIA lung cancer..I had my left lung removed in June of 2001, and like you no chemo. Congrads on being a survivor. I have graduated to physicals every 6 months with varied tests. Sometimes I have CT's sometimes PET Scans. But always they are checking and I keep all my appointments with oncologist and pulmonary..Taking good care of yourself physically, mentally and spritually are all you can do at this point. Don't dwell on your past cancer...stay informed and positive..Good luck to you..