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I am 22 and I had lung cancer. It took about 9 months for the doctor to find out I had lung cancer and after that in a matter of a week I was in the hospital and I lost the lower lobe of my left lung. I ended up in ICU for about 11 days and got out of ICU on my 22nd b-day to which I dont remember much of... I ended up with nerve damage in my left leg. Sciatic naropathy. I just cant take the whole doctor thing. All I ever get is we dont know why u got cancer and we dont know why you have nerve damage in your leg.I am sick of not having anwsers and I am sick of doctors. I have gained way to many doctors and everything in my life has changed and I have gotten used to it. Being alot slower with my bad leg and all and not being able to work and school full time...at the same time. Its been hard but my family has been there and I know I am lucky but I am not used to being broke with absolutly no money and no one to help me with that. Paying for doctor bills and well school and well I only use my cell phone for calls and well now I have a problem cause I dont have enough money to pay it so I will have to cancel it and well how I will pay this months bill I dont know. I havent been happy since well before I went into the the hospital so its been like 7 months almost. I just dont know what it is. I dont know if its the meds. I mean I keep seeing stuff on TV that has all these attornies saying that they have class action law suits against the makers of the meds I am on because it causes depression and people have commited suicide while on it and I dont know if thats whats makeing me this way....


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    Hello...I've read and re-read your message trying to figure out if there was anything I could say to help you..Not being a professional kind of puts me at a disadvantage, but here goes...
    First of all believe it or not you started your message off on a positive note..you said "I had" lung cancer. You are so very young and therefore it is rare to hear of people in your situation. I am a 2 3/4 year survivor of lung cancer. I had my left lung removed in June of 2001. The main "thing" I picked up from your message was that you didn't have the confidence you need in your doctor..so, my suggestion would be to find a new one. I had to do that very thing. I found an oncologist and pulmonary that were willing to help me get past all that comes with having cancer. Take charge of your disease, work on regaining a positive attitude and don't live in your cancer..be sure to come back here when you need support..for now get that new oncologist..God Bless
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    It must be very hard to be 22 years old and going
    through this. You sound very angry at your doctors and I can sure understand as I am going
    through chemotherapy for lung cancer and often
    get upset at how little my doctors seem to know.
    I have finally come to terms with the reality that
    cancer is a disease that no one really completely
    understands --not even the doctors. This helps
    me deal with the absence of answers. Cancer treatment is more of an art than a science. No
    two people react exactly the same at all times so
    not even doctors can be 100% certain in their
    predictions. However, there are differences in
    doctors and some do know more than others.I have
    been through 4 doctors before I found one that I
    believe is the most competent. The first two misdiagnosed me and recommended surgery--which I
    know now would have been useless and made things
    worse. I strongly encourage you to not give up
    and never take the word of one doctor without
    getting a 2nd and even a 3rd opinion. I don't
    know what meds you're on, but talk, talk, talk
    and complain to your doctor if you suspect that
    these are making you feel worse, instead of better. Remember that, under the circumstances,
    some depression is normal. It's a response to
    circumstances that are often temporary. Try to
    be thankful that the cancer was detected and
    cured. That is very rare for most lung cancer
    patients. Do your best to focus on the good in
    your life and don't let negative thoughts ruin
    that for you.

    I hope your life improves. When it does you will
    have many years to use your experience with this
    to help others who are going through a similar experience. Sometimes focusing on helping others
    can lift some of the depression and lessen the pain.

    I wish I could give you more than these words
    because I hear the pain and anger in your message.

    Hang on!