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Hi I am new here. Recently I had to go to the emergency room, I could not breathe and have had a cough for a few weeks. It was so bad that I had collapsed in the ER parking lot. The doctor said that it looked like I had asthmatic bronchitis and also had some xrays taken of my chest. They wanted to admit me based on the EKG something was wrong with my heart and my oxegen level was below normal. I did not stay I really needed to be to work the next day. Anyways, the hospital called me back and said they found something on my chest xrays and that I needed to have more done. They said it could be a mass or scar tissue. I have been reading up on lung cancer and it seems like i have alot of the stmptoms other people with the disease have .. and Im a little scared I'm only 31 and have 2 children. Could what they saw in the Xray be cancer?


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    It could be possible. I had a chest X-ray and well it took 9 months of the doctor running tests to finally get to a biospy of that area. It was lung cancer and well all long he was telling me it was just in infection or scar tissue so it is possible. I dont want to worry you but just make sure they get the right test done and quickly. Make sure they go in and get a piece. It was a simple procdure and didnt take long for them to do. they just go down ur throat and it only took about 45 minutes and u are sudated. Dont be scared. I am 22 and I had lung cancer and I am only 6 months in the clear. I had lung surgry and lost the lower lobe of my left lung. but I am good now. I hope everything works out for u but please just go get some more tests done ASAP just to be sure.
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    No one can give you an answer to that question must followup with the proper xrays, tests, etc...just take it a day at a time and do what you have to do to stay on top of your situation..come back whenever you have of luck to you..
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    Right now you have NOT been diagnosed with lung cancer so it really does'nt do any good to diagnose yourself. You'll just go nuts. I agree 100% with Pacisan you must have the testing done and try to take it a day at a time. Great advice!!
    we will be here if you need us!! just take it easy and a slow deep breath.
    God bless and I'll say a prayer for ya
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    girl , please don't wait , go in and see what it is, that is the way they found my husbands lung cancer, i insisted to his dr, that he needed an xray, they did ct scan and there it was, put him on chemo and it is shrinking, so now we are doing radiation, he is getting both, they can't cure it ,but can slow it down, so please have it checked out. maybe it will save your life,