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I would like to get any other impressions from someone out there who has a becker implant that did not have to have chemo or radiation. Is there someone out there like me? My implant is 8 months old and may well drive me crazy.


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    Oh, my, I am so sorry that the thing is driving you nuts! I have no experience with implants of any kind, but am sure you will find someone. If not, call the local chapter of American Cancer Society and get in touch with the Reach for Recovery group. Perhaps they will know of someone with whom you can compare notes. Just a thought here... surgeon mentioned in 1999 that it sometimes takes years before you can really see the final outcome of all matters related to any type of surgery. Hugs, Denise
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    I found the following information, and realize that you probably already know all of this, but I had never heard of Becker implants and was curious. Here is what the site said: There are two types of Becker Expandable implants available. They are the Classic Becker, and the Becker 50. The Classic Becker has 75% saline in the inner lumen, and 25% gel in the outer lumen. The Becker 50 has 50% saline in the inner lumen, and 50% gel in the outer lumen. The saline is for expansion and fluid volume adjustment. The Becker Classic is mainly a reconstructive device and can be used as a tissue expander, as well as a long term implant. The gel in the outer lumen is for the soft feel, and less rippling under thin tissues.
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    I have becker implants but I had chemo. So I don't fit your criteria. But if there is anything I can share with you, let me know. My surgery and implants performed on July 2002. So it's been over one year. I've just had the implant ports removed last Tuesday. Linda