Lump in reconstructed breast

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Well, its been two months and a full round of doctor's appointments but I still don't have results. I had a biopsy last Tuesday. I'm out of town and had 4 calls from the doctor that did the biopsy today. I started panicing but remember a note on here earlier about HIPPA and thought maybe she can't leave even good news on the machine. I'll call her tomorrow. I'm making a big presentation tomorrow at a conference and need peaceful sleep tonight. Keep me in your prayers. Thanks, Sandi


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    You are in my prayers. Fingers also crossed for good news. God Bless, Beth
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    Hope it will be good news tomorrow. God Bless and I will pray for you tonight. Big hugs
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    I will say my prayers for you tonight. Love and Hugs. Cammie
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    There have been so many times when speakers at conferences mentioned the incredible stress of events in their personal lives at that moment. I always felt that anyone who offered their time, experience and insight while making presentations ought to be exempt from any bumps in life! HIPPA regulations were meant to safeguard the privacy of patients, but no one realized what agony the same regulations can cause for patients, their family members, and health care providers. The last time I worked a nice froth up on my panic, it turned out that the office staff was only trying to confirm an appointment with me so that I wouldn't forget. They cannot leave a message. It stinks to be away from home and have something like this happen. I hope your presentation went flawlessly and all is well. Hugs, Denise
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    I hope only the best news for you. It is always stressful waiting for test results, but once you've had cancer the stress is so much worse. I believe I signed something at one of my Drs that gave them permission to leave a message on my answering machine. You might check into that for the future. Janet