breast reconstruction

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Hi I was wondering if anyone can give me feedback on breast reconstruction surgery. I am looking into having reconstruction on both sides using the back muscles, along with implants. Has anyone gone through this proceedure? If so, are you happy with it? Are there concerns I should know about?


  • wilcoxcs
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    I had breast reconstruction last year at this time on the left side with a tram flap using the abdomin. I finished with chemo in May and I feel great. I was able to return to work about 4 weeks after the surgery. I'm so glad that I did it and am pleased with the results. I just finished the nipple this summer.
  • Sandis
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    I had a bilateral mastectomy with trans flap reonstrucftion from stomach. I feel very glad I did it. The surgery was tough but I feel good about it and it looks good. Good luck. Sandi