soooo tired

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I am just starting radiation 11-3-03 so I know my fatigue is not from that-but I am always so tired-no energy- is this all related to having cancer?


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    Hey Didi, your tired could be just from stress of cancer alone. Have you had chemotherapy?? If so, that can make you tired. The stress of knowing you have cancer, can take all of your energy out of you. The question, the worry, the not knowing for sure. Dont worry, your energy will return. Radiation is not real fun. Ask for gel, LOTS OF IT!! By the end of your rads, you will need it. Just rest as much as you can. Be assured that all will be ok. Ask your oncologist if you have major concerns, this is something they deal with on a daily basis. Dont be alarmed, tired is just part of the deal. Hang tough my friend. It will be alright .
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    So, you've gone through some sort of breast surgery, ???Chemo, Cancer DX and impending Radiation. What do you have to be tired for? Be kind to yourself. Discuss how you feel with your oncologist, it may be emotions/stress, but it may also be abnormal blood counts or labs. Get it checked out. If you find your counts are normal, discuss antidepresants with him/her. Just some ideas. Good Luck, Beth
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    Hey of course you are tired, the whole thing wears all of us out. Rest when you can, take ten minutes everyday to worry,ten minutes to pray,and all the rest of the time to love your family and life. You may not burn, I didn't but under the breast, big old saggy thing, and then used aloe vera from my plants. Good thing we had big plants as husband had 42 radiation treatments six months after I finished. Nearly killed the plants but we sure are doing good. Hugs from TN we are here for you. Linda
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    My last chemo was July 8th , and I'm still tired. If I am planning a night out, I must take a nap.
    I just figured it's normal.
    Take care,