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My husband of 51 years passed away in August, is there anyone out there who knows what I'm going through? Desperately need support right now.


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    I only know what you're going through as a daughter. My dad passed away from lung cancer a little over 2 years ago. My mom and he were married 51 years also!
    My mom was very depressed. She stayed in their home for about 9 months. She then sold the home and moved to a retirement highrise luxery apartment complex! At first she did not like it. She didn't want the change..She almost rebelled. (It was her idea for the move) is happy as a lark. She loves being around everyone there. They go and go and go. The have trips to NY, cruises, shopping, theatre etc.
    So..what I'm trying to say is..please stay busy. When you feel down (which is normal) go do something. Stay busy. Depression is worse when you have nothing to do.
    You will heal. It will take time. I miss my daddy and think of him every single day. But, time does heal. The pain is not as bad as earlier.
    God bless..I feel your pain. I've been there.