surviving after cancer

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i have successfully survived my cancer experience twelve years; however, i have had difficulty reintegrating back into society. i believe that our society is lagging with respect in knowing how to deal with cancer survivors and their related side effects. my long term side effects include chronic lymphedemia and shingles. these prevent me from working full time. i am a very qualified engineer, but can't deal with the related stress. it activates my side effects. is there any support efforts for helping surivors reintegrate into the work force? grants available for long term survivors? reeducation?


  • AlloMan
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    What is lymphedemia?

    Have you tried receiving Social Security disability? Part time work doing something less stressful?

    In the state I live in, Confusion (Connecticut, actually) as part of the state Dept. of Social Services, there is the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services which funds training (or re-training) and education (or re-education) of the disabled so they can get back into the workforce. Your state may have something similar.

    The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society sponsors a local support group for those dealing with blood related cancers. You may want to look them up.