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My dad recently (5 weeks) had surgery to remove a mass in his neck and his voice box/cords. This week, he had a fistula appear (hole in his neck/esophagus) and they have to put a feeding tube in. Anyone experience this and what should he eat through the tube, we were thinking Prosure or Resource Support.

Anyone else try these products or is currently on them? respond here or email me at


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    My husband had a feeding tube last summer when he was dignoised with throat cancer and had 40 aggressive radiation treatments at MD Anderson they used Ultra Cal HN Plus it is very good and has lots of protein which they need to maintain their weight and strength. Prosure is good but has lots of sugar and cancer feeds on sugar. We used that after he was off the feeding tube which was great for cancer patients but when off when we heard about the sugar issue. God bless and I will pray for you all.
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    I had cancer at the base of tongue and in my lymph nodes. I had a tube inserted before starting radiation and chemo. My doctor recommended NOVASOURCE for my feeding supplement. It was pretty thick so it took a while to feed it via gravity or pump. Each 7 oz container was 450 calories. I did not have any problems or side effects. I think it was a prescription and it was paid for by my insurance company. By the time I started taking NOVASOURCE my throat was too sore to swallow, so I never actually tasted it. It smelled like a vanilla milkshake. I maintained my weight while I used it. Once I started eating again, I lost almost 40 lbs because I couldn't keep the same number of calories that I was getting with the NOVASOURCE. I highly recommend it.
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    I have had a feeding tube for the past two years. I have used Nestle's ProBalance which comes in cases of 24 cans, each is 300 calories. This is easy to take and balanced nutrition.
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    I have been using ensure then prosure since my sugery and radiaion. I also grind up pills and mix with water and put them down my feeding tube.
    The doctors told be the prosure is stronger and I have been using that to help to maintain my weight.