Chemo or not?

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I am 2 weeks post op an had an infiltrating mammary carcinoma. I had a partial masectomy and am recovering just fine. There was negative lymph nodes removed. My tumor size was 2.6 cm x1.2 x1.2. I have not met with an oncologist yet. Is there anyone out there that can help me with what treatment they will probably do?


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    Houstongal - depending on your age and type of tumor (aggressiveness - ER/PR or HER2) and maybe the size of the tumor they may recommend chemotherapy. My Dr. would I'm sure if you are under 40. I know many women that had only 4 rounds of chemo and did great on it. Cancer free for years. I would find out all the options for sure!
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    Check out They will give you all the guidelines, routes of possible treatments. Decision is ultimately an individual thing. Lot's to factor in.....age, children, family history, general health, type of tumor, etc.
    Check it out if you have more questions, be glad to try and help. May God bless you and guide you.
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    I went to a website: and found it very helpful also: is pretty good - they will send you a notebook that was great.
    I had a small tumor with no node involvement - much the same as yours and I was recommended chemo (6 courses - 3 A/C and 3 Taxol) and radiation. My oncologist said that even though the tumor was gone and no nodes were involved a stray cell could have traveled and to consider the treatment a life insurance treatment for the future. I also got two opinions as to treatment options along with doing a major web surfing - also check out the book racks at places like Barnes and Nobles - there are lots of books with great information.

    I found the more information I had the less scary it became.

    Good luck.
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    My dx was very close to yours. I decided to have a mastectomy of my left breast followed by 8 rounds of chemotherapy (4 of adriamycin and cytoxan and 4 of taxotere) I had to change the taxotere to taxol for the last two treatments but it is a first cousin. My doctors and I feel like this was an aggressive approach since I had no lymph nodes affected. We decided against any radiation. Better to be aggressive and live longer. That was my plan anyway. Good luck to you as you make life decisions. God Bless You!!! Susan
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    Since my nodes were negative, I really was trying to avoid chemo. My onchologist had to show me University of Michigan treatment guidelines to convince me that I should go through chemo. I went through 4 doses of A/C with no complications.
    I feel better now than I've felt in years.
    Good luck,
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    I had a mastectomy of my left breast in August. My cancer was 2cm very aggressive. I am currently taking chemo supossed to have 6 treatments finishing the 23 Dec. I did it as extra protection. I am 65 years old. So far so good. I have had some bad times but have made it through. I say have chemo for the protection.
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    Because you have "infiltrating" BC and the size of the tumor I would take chemo. I am 59 yrs old, a 2x BC survivor, had chemo both times, no node involvement, ER neg. I am doing fine, been 5 yrs since my first DX. Hope this helps. Emmi