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Has anyone opted to take Raloxifene instead of Tamoxifin? I just had the discussion with my oncologist yesterday and am seriously considering it but I get the feeling he'd like me to try Tamoxifin first, then switch if I don't like the side effects. Any thoughts? I know Raloxifene doesn't have the same track record but I have a long history of osteoporosis in my family and am at higher risk for it due to long term steroid use for Lupus, so the benefits of Raloxifene are tempting.


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    Hi Diane,

    My oncologist gave me the option of Raloxifene or Tamoxifen...my choice. I did a little research on Raloxifene and decided that it just didn't have enough history behind it for my peace of mind. I went with Tamoxifen and have been on it since July. I take 1500 mg of calcium plus D every day just to be on the safe side! I'd like to know what you decide and how your experience with Raloxifene (if you go that route) turns out. When I was considering between the two, I asked on this discussion board and couldn't find anyone who was on Raloxifene.