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I finished my last chemo 4 weeks ago and I am still having side effects from the Taxol. My hands and feet tingle all the time. Does anyone know how long this side effect will last? This started when I was taking taxotere (2 sessions) and continued with the taxol (2 sessions). I am so excited to be finished with my chemo but am impatient with this because it makes walking very difficult. Thanks for any info you might have!! Susan


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    4 weeks is not a long time. Eventually you will be better. How does about 9 months sound? Everyone is different but I went to Paris a year after the last taxol and had no trouble walking and climbing stairs etc. which i could not have done 4 weeks after taxol.

    Good Luck - it is nice to be done with the chemo treatments.
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    I took 4 Adriamicin and 4 Taxotere and had tingling feel and felt so stiff I could bearly get out of my car. I went to a neurologist. She thought it was neuropathy which could possibly never go away. However ... because of a previous thyroid issue when I was young my oncologist told me to get my TSH checked with my regular doctor. It was way out of whack. When I stated meds and it became regular my legs and feet felt fine! I hobbled around for about 4-5 months before I got on the thyroid meds ... maybe it was a coincedence. I've researched on the web that low thyroid can cause a lot of stiffness, depression, aching feet, all kinds of things. And, my oncologist said the chemo will affect the thyroid (especially if you've ever had a problem before). Anyway ... it takes a while but if you suspect it is something else get a full check up ... and check you TSH levels. Good luck. Jamie
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    Susan, it took over ten weeks after my last chemotherapy treatment to regain the ability to sleep soundly through the night for the first time in goodness knows how many months. My last treatment was August 6, and there is still residual tingling. Glad you asked the question because Jean's answer about regaining the ability to walk and climb stairs with no trouble is definitely the best news of all!
    Hugs, Denise
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    I finished chemo 4/01 and don't even remember having problems with tingling...but...chemobrain is most definately a side effect. So, I probably had the problem and just don't remember!
    Seriously, most side effects start to resolve about 6-8 weeks after last dosage. The numbness should just gradually become less and less apparent, then poof, one day you'll think, 'hey, it's gone!' But...if the symptoms get worse see your MD. God bless. hummingbyrd