how is everyone?

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just looking for an update on everyone, no one has made any posts lately; I thought I would post something new to hopefully keep everyone coming back to this message board. So go ahead-post something-let us know how you are doing


  • AlloMan
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    It's limbo time!

    Next CT scan will be in Nov. I had an allogeneic BMT after my 2nd relapse 12/02 (1st was 11/01, diagnosed 12/00). I've tolerated the procedure well. I haven't had any infections or graft vs. host problems. My energy level is good and I practically feel "normal," whatever that is.

    The CT scan is stressing me out. I got into remission prior to the BMT. Last clean CT scan was 4/22. I had a clean cest x-ray in mid-July.

    Trying to take one day at a time. I feel really blessed in many ways, but also feel like I'm walking on the edge of a cliff.
  • goose24
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    On 9/22 I was diagnosed with Stage IVb. While the first week totally helpless and empty, after that week I have actually been taking this all very well. Besides being diagnosed with cancer then undergoing days and days of tests, sometimes two in a day, I was ready to fight the fight and kick cancer's butt!!! Today is my last day of cycle #1 and I begin cycle #2 of ABVD tomorrow. while I have mostly good days, the bad days are pretty bad. For me it has usually been two days after my treatment and then I gradually get better over the next couple of days. I guess I have to wait and see what the cumulative effect will be like, but so far I have continued doing some light jogging and exercise. I feel it gives me energy. Hope all continues to go well.