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I had the breast re-incision and I feel like hell. But I also feel that I have done the very best thing for my long-term breast health.
Dammm, it hurts, though. Worse than the initial lumpectomy. I can now feel every muscle in my chest.
Regardless, I'm glad I did it. Re-incision was the right thing for me.


  • inkblot
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    That's the spirit! Knowing, even through your pain, that you've made the best choice is comforting.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Love, light and laughter,
  • jake10
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    Sorry you are hurting! Just what is a "re-incision"? Beth
  • epgnyc
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    My surgeon also recommended a re-excision. I was all for it since I wanted the best margins possible at the tumor site. I think re-excisions are always more painful than the original lumpectomy. I know three women who had a re-excision and all say it was much more painful the second time around. But that was over a year ago for me and I'm so glad I went for it....even if I'm looking a bit lumpy now in that area! I think you made the right choice. Ellen
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    I will be praying that your pain lessens daily! I am so proud for you, walking thru your fear about the re-incision. I am always amazed at the strength we can pull from deep inside to cope with this cancer. Keep moving forward and know we are all praying for your recovery.
  • krisrey
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    I had a re-incision to get more margin and the doc from ANOTHER small tumor..I have just completed 8 cycles of dose dense chemo and will start radiation next month, I also had 1 node positive and am suppose to start tamoxifen this week. Any experiences with radiation and tomoxifen I would love to hear about.thanks