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A friend of mine called and asked if I knew anything about inflammatory breast cancer. Apparantly she knows someone recently diagnosed with this. She knew I came on this website so she recommended it to her friend. But her friend does not have a computer and describes herself as computer illiterate. (weren't we all at one time) I suggested she go to the library, most have internet available for patrons,and get help there. I knew very little about inflammatory breast cancer and most of the information I had was pretty negative. I was wondering if anyone here had this type or knew of any support groups specific to this type of breast cancer. I could pass the information on to this lady that is now part of our special group of people. Any suggestions on how I can get her the information she needs would be appreciated. There is always such a wealth of information here and the commaraderie available here is exceptional, people so willing to put themselves out there to help others. Love you all. Sharon


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    Maybe your friend could check out a copy of "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book" at the library. I seem to remember there was an entire chapter dedicated to inflammatory breast cancer. Kind of surprising because inflammatory really isn't a very common variety. I like Dr. Love's book because it has a lot of diagrams, etc., and proceeds in a pretty logical order. Sometimes the web stuff can be pretty piecemeal if you don't already have a good idea of what you're talking about already.
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    P.S. There is an Inflammatory Breast Cancer discussion area here on the ACS web site also...but I'm sure you probably already mentioned that.
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    Sharon - I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer this past January. I like you knew very little about it until I was diagnosed and thought I will never get this (never say never) right? My surgeon says the cancer will come back but does not know when. I am now in remission, thank the Lord. There is a website but since she does not have a computer I will give it to you ( or Can she ask her oncologist abut this. KAren Reilly
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    I am sorry to post late for this. I know a woman that has IBC. She is doing wonderful considering the aggressiveness of her tumor. 6cm tumor with 20 out of 20 lymph nodes involved. She did aggressive rounds of AC followed with Taxotere and Herceptin. She is still on Herceptin and it has been two years...nothing has come back. She changed her diet, drank Essiac tea, and now is mountain biking. I would be so happy to have her get in touch with your friend. Email me at [email protected] and I will pass it on. She is a true inspiration to us all!!!