big day

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finally it's here after all the paper work and test i am fianlly getting my stem cel transplant. next thursday i will be at tampa. had my stem cel harvest last week, no pain did pretty good. wish me luck thanks


  • Leenie
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    lots of luck and prayers are coming your way...
  • Sandis
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    Please know that many of us are praying for you. Love, Sandis
  • DeeNY711
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    The worst part is out of the way... the paperwork and the planning. Bring crossword puzzles and a CD player with you to the hospital. A pleasantly distracted mind is a happy mind. Love and hugs, Denise
  • jake10
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    Best wishes for success and health. I will remember you in my prayers! Beth
  • TylersMom1
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    Good luck and prayers are coming your way. God bless...Cheryl
  • bunnie
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    good luck vac keep us posted.bunnie