Mastectomy after Arimidex

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Has anyone had a mastectomy after not being able
to tolerate Tamoxifen or Arimidex?


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    Not sure anyone will understand your question - I don't. Do you mean a mastectomy on the remaining breast to prevent recurrence? More details needed.

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    Hi iamfaith:

    I do not know anyone who was unable to take either of these aromatase inhibitors and had a mastectomy, as an alternative.

    Have you already tried both drugs, as prophylaxis, due to being genetically predisposed or have a family history? Have you taken Tamox. and Arimidex due to already having had a dx of breast cancer, with surgery and adjunctive treatment (chemo and/or rads)? Are you considering double mastectomy as a method to reduce your risks for a first cancer or future recurrence?

    I'd suggest that you discuss your thoughts thoroughly with your doctor(s)and/or even get a second opinion, as such a decision requires a lot of thought, taking many things into consideration.

    If you have a family history but have not yet had a consult with a genetic counselor, then you may benefit from that. There are pros and cons to genetic testing and you need to understand all the ramifications, as well as thoroughly understand any expected benefit of mastectomy as prophylaxis. Determining your current risk situation, will help you to better make your decision on how to approach it. Keep in mind that a mastectomy is not a guarantee of no bc, as
    100% of breast tissue cannot possibly be removed. If that was the case, many of us would be lining up to get bilaterals immediately.

    Arm yourself with all the sound info you can find and talk with your doctors as you need to feel confident in such a major decision.

    Best of luck to you.

    Love, light and laughter,