Breast cancer spread to jaw bone

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I have had bone mets in many locations for about 18 months and it has now spread to my jaw. The lesion is 1.7 and very visIble. I will have 10 -12 radiation treatments for swelling and pain next week. I would like to find someone who has also had the mets spread to this location. I can't find many people who have had this. thanks


  • jeancmici
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    Replies lately are slow - people must be busy. However what you have is very rare, i think, which could be why no one has replied.

    I have bone mets found in August but I'm sure there quite a bit longer - now in the spine, ribs and femurs.

    My heart goes out to you - I know about bone pain - thinking of you and praying that your treatment will be helpful. what has your doctor said of this rare development?

    Hugs, Jean