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My brother has a cherry-sized tumor in his bladder found on ultrasound. It will be taken out soon and then he will know if it is ca or not. I have breast cancer and I know little about bladder cancer. His symptoms were bleeding on urination intermittently and his urine sample showed atypical cells. Should it turn out to be cancer, could any of you who are more familiar with bladder ca tell me what happens next etc. Is a cherry size considered big or small, isn't it about an inch or 1 cm. I feel so ignorant but want to learn to help my brother in anyway I can. Thanks.....Mary Ann


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    Hi MaryAnn-
    I just signed on to the group tonight. Not sure how much help I can be, but I can at least tell you about myself. I remember when I was diagnosed just wanting to talk to anyone with Bladder CA. We are pretty rare out here. Not to much about us... or I'm just missing it.

    I'm 47 F, was being treated for a uriine infection that did not go away with anti-biotics. An IVP Scan showed the tumor. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 T1 Transitional Cell Carcinoma. My tumor was considered large 5.5cm. Dr. said this was about 2.5 inches. It was surgically removed. The tumor did invade the inside muscle of the bladder. It did not go through or penetrate to other areas. (I hope and pray)Surgically removed in April 2002, I have had 4 follow-up cystoscopy w tissue samples. All negative. Dr. advised on last test, (Sept 2003), that he believes I am on the way to cured. I must be diligent with all my follow-up tests and Ct scans.

    My suggestion to you for your brother. Go to a cancer facilty! These Dr's do these procedures all the time. They are so experienced. My local Dr. found my tumor, but he did send me to Sloan Kettering advising, you want to be with the specialists that do nothing but bladder cancer. If you can get to a facilty like that, it would be well worth the money, time, and inconvenience (if you must travel far, as I do). I would be so happy to continue speaking with you. Email is [email protected].
    Good Luck
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    Riches, I also have had bladder ca. Diagnosed in 1998 for the 1st time. I have a small bubble on the side of my bladder known as a diviticula, all of the cancer cells and tumor were within this bubble. removed the tumor and all was well for a year,Ca returned and had bubble scraped again. cancer returned again in 2001. had 6 chemo tratments to interior of bladder. all has been well until the day you wrote this letter on the 10th of dec. i was having a biopsy at the Mayo clinic. Got a call last night and the news is that the cancer has spread into my bladder. But is still contained inside. I am a level 3-- the worst. they now want to remove the bladder intirely. Hope any of this helps you.
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    My husband had a 5cm tumor in January removed from bladder and sounds like your brothers may be small, which is good. After surgery he had to wear catheter for two weeks because he couldn't urinate like he should. Not everyone has this problem. He then started the BCG treatments which is a type of live TB virus that has been very successful in killing this particulr type of cancer cells. He just finished his sixth treatment in May and had scope again to see if they were working and there was NO sign of cancer. He will have treatments for 18 months but will not have any more until August and then another scope. There is great success stories out there so go online and look up BCG treatments and bladder cancer and there is a lot of info you can read. It helped me to understand a lot. My prayers are with you all. Take care. Debrus