Pink and White M&Ms

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Chemoqueen1 & Others. Masterfoods USA, A Division of Mars, Incorporated had their "Help Line" respond to the question about the pink & white M&Ms, where part of the proceeds to to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. Here are the stores that are supposed to be selling them: Albertsons, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Winn Dixie, Kroeger, Giant Eagle, Hyvee Food Store, Longs Drug Store, Stop & Shop, Meijers, Shaws, Wegmans, Nash Finch, and the Associated Grocers (I think these are independent grocers). Good luck in finding them!


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    Thanks for the info. I like to keep candy on my desk at work and from now on it will be Pink and White M&Ms!
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    Plain or peanut?????
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    Thanks so much for this information. I went to Albertsons and there they were. I bought some for 2 other survivors I know. Great idea. Sharon
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    Thanks for the info! I also found them at Albertson's and now have them on my desk at work. It's just another way to remind my co-workers to have thier mammo and annual check up including PAP. I also put them at the admission desk at our hospital along with lots of info about breast cancer and breast health. Beth