Glioblastoma Multiform

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My mother (54 years old) also diagonsed with glioblastoma. From what I have seen there is not much hope... BUT some people have survived this and why not her... anyway. I have been doing a ton of research already her tumor was just removed last thursday.. Oct. 2, 2003 I have found a website that "claims" to have found some sort of a drug or something that caused the overall body voltage to drop 20% and that cancer cells can not live when the bodies electical current drops this low. IE. Kills all of the cancer cells. Here is the site. Please let me know if anyone has heard of this and if so how effective.

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    My mother is doing GREAT! Her speach is a little slow almost like a 6 year old childs. However it is getting better every day. We are going through the process of Radiation, this starts on the Oct 21st. Plus we are trying a product called Protocel. We are not going to go solely with this product but from what I have read over many different web sites is this stuff is amazing. I know if it does half of what they claim it can do she will be around for a long time!!! HOPE IS THE KEY TO SURVIVAL!