colposcopy w/o explanation

My Dr. has just scheduled me for a colposcopy. I have been worried sick for a week. I realize that drs. do not necessarilly give you a total explanation because they do not want you to worry. I have searched all the related websites, and am under the impression that this is a serious test used to diagnose cervical cancer/dysplacia. I have secretly suffered from HPV for about 4 years now (I have personally seen symptoms, but it has been undetected in all paps.). My husband and I have been trying to conceive, although we already have two children. I understand that cervical cancer is not necesarilly a life threating disease, but at 23, I never thought I may have to eventually say that I am a cancer survivor. I am scared and worried. What are other possible reasons for my dr. to order this colposcopy? I am scared to continue planning my third child w/ my husband, and am becoming withdrawn from him sexually. Please write! or email @ [email protected].


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  • MrsSantolla
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    Hi there, I have to agree with Jose. Most of the time we fear the unknown. Just call your doctor to find out. Yes, it is done for cervical cancer but I'm sure for other reasons as well. Fortunately cervical cancer can be treated with much success as long as it is caught early. Stay on top of this, and your future check ups. Dont be afraid or intimated to ask questions. Educate yourself as much as you can on cervical cancer. As the old saying goes "knowledge is power" and I would add, "a peace of mind".
    Take care and God bless!
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    My best advice as someone who has battled cervical cancer for 4 years now, is to be educated about the matter. You need to ask questions to your doctor and lots of them. Write them down as you think of them on a day to day basis. Go online and do as much research as you can. Colposcopy's are not just done for cervical cancer and dysplasia. They are used as a detecting devise for many things. MAke sure your doctor is willing to answer as many questions as you need. If he/she isn't accomidating in that aspect, you need to move on to a doctor that will. I wish you luck and hope everything ends up good for you!
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    You really need to have a doctor you can ask questions. I was dx in 9/02, radical hyst in 12/02 and each 3-mo pap has been clean. I left my previous doc because she was not informative. I think some docs think information freaks some people out. I am the opposite, if I am informed, I can handle almost anything. Good luck. Talk to me if you need to. Had the colposcopy and a conization... If you have questions, I'd be there if you need an ear.