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In regard to your last postings regarding Her2. I am curious if you had lymph node involvement at the time your first cancer was diagnosed?
I didn't, its been 6 months now and all looks good but, of course, I still worry since it is an agressive form of cancer. I am scheduled to start my recontructive surgery on Oct. 9th. I am getting an expander and implant. Any suggestions or comments on that would be appreciated.


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    Yes,lymph nodes were involved in first diagnosis. It was my understanding that all affected lymph nodes were removed.
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    Had a lumpectomy so can't help you there.
    Yes I did have 13 out of 27+ lymph nodes. I was a 2-3+ mod strong HER2, so I suggested taking Herceptin before it metastasized. At that point in time it was not indicated as a preventive measure. Currently there are clinical trials investigating the possibility of using Herceptin to prevent metastasis. Trials are still in process so no decision made as of yet.
    I say...."HELLOOO! Let's not shut the barn door after the horses get out!", but then I'm from Texas. LOL
    Don't worry! You do all you can and that's all you can do. Fear can be your greatest enemy, it will wear you down!
    My suggestions: Pray. Don't eat sugar, cancer cells feed off of sugar(restrict it no one can really give it up completely). Don't put plastic, saran wrap or styro in microwave, they melt into cancer causing agents. Take a good multivitamin and eat properly. Then pray some more!
    Life is good! Enjoy it!
    You will be fine. God bless you dear!