Last chemo tomorrow (I hope)

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Well, I will try again tomorrow to have my last chemo. I tried on Monday but was too weak and the dr. decided against it. I am taking taxol (changed from taxotere after two sessions and a bad reaction). My legs still hurt but I am feeling some better and I want to get this finished. The dr. said something about not doing the eighth session and stopping with seven but it just seems so incomplete - like I have given up on the battle and I want to finish this journey. Pray for me tomorrow!!! I was so lucky until I started with the taxol and it has really zapped me. The A/C for the first four rounds was not bad at all compared to the side effects of the taxol. I will see this through and win this BC Fight with head held high and ONLY with God's help. Thank you for all your help and support! Susan


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    Hurray!!!! Good luck on your last treatment. I pray that all will go well. Stay strong and focused. I will remember you in my prayers.
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    Congratulation on your last treatment!!!!! Taxol can be tough but if you made it through A/C you can do this. I do understand your feelings about not cutting the treatments short - discuss that feeling with your doctor. Leave no stone unturned is my feeling.

    Good luck and again congratulation on your milestone.

    Bless you.
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    Mosis50. I hope you do something nice for yourself to when you mark this milestone! You more than deserve it. When I was doing the 12 weekly Taxotere infusions, my chemo therapy oncologist told me not to get worried if we skipped a week here and there to give my body a chance to rest. As it turns out, I went straight through without any breaks at all. But it made me feel lots more relaxed about the whole thing, knowing that a week off here and there was not a bad thing. I hope that your doctor has given you the same reassurance.
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    congratulations on finishing this battle.It gets better from here.Bunnie
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    I completely understand your reaction to being told that perhaps the 8th session would not be done. My oncologist said that chemotherapy would be suspended until I was able to have another mediport put in, and I totally freaked. Honey, you better believe that bleeping port was put in prior to the next scheduled session. When I arrived right on schedule, the oncologist toyed with the idea of holding off because my liver function tests went haywire when the blood clots from the first port started to dissolve and flood the liver with debris. Fortunately, she was overruled. I would have totally flipped out otherwise. I'd like to think that I've become more reasonable in my response to things like that, but it would be a lie. Love, Denise
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    Good luck with your last treatment my prayers are with you!