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After a little cajolling, I have convinced the CSN that there is a need for a discussion for military cancer survivors. The purpose of this discussion is to give military folks a safe place to go and ask questions about treatment, administrative issues, performance evaluations, etc. that are unique to military cancer survivors. If you or someone you care about are military cancer survivors, stop on over and say "Attention!". I have recruited Kat - a military attorney with 11 years of trial experience and Mike, an oncology nurse (NOT a doctor) to help out with technical stuff. As you may have gathered, I am an old dinosaur myself (23 years E-1 to O-4) with lots of experience at "working the system". We're here to listen, advise, let you vent or kick you in the butt of necessary.

Hoping to hear from you soon - active duty or retirees.

- LCDR SpongeBob


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    SB - sounds as though you were in the Marines. I am a Service-Connected DV from the Army. I am about to enter the cancer arena I believe. MRI didn't look good, bone scan scheduled for 31 Jan. I have a 20% disability already, depending upon the diagnosis, I hope I can get that changed. I've been complaining about the knee pain since before I was discharged in '99 (actual out in 05/00). X-rays were taken then, and complained again during my initial VA physical. Now the MRI, the bone scan, life feels like crap but I'm not giving up. Have 4 kids and hubby. If you have any words of wisdom, I'm a protege. Thanks, Smileytex