My brother has prostate cancer and....

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My brother has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and has a mass in his chest of unknown cause. He is only 38, same age as I, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. He is going to MDAnderson tomorrow for evaluation and diagnosis. I know this is the breast cancer board, but I feel I know so many of you, this is a source of support for me. It's so hard to see my brother go through this, and the fear in my mom and dad's voice. In some ways I think it was easier when it was me. I know I'd feel that way if it weren't for my children. Don't want to see that fear in their eyes again. OK, I've vented enough. My main purpose is to request prayers, as many as possible, for my brother. Love to you all. Thank you, hummb.


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    Oh, Hummb, I am so sorry to hear this news - prostate cancer is supposed to be an old man's disease - well, so is breast cancer supposed to hit later in life.

    I know your brother will be on a lot of prayer lists.

    I forgot your location but it is good to be near MDAnderson at least.

    Thinking of both of you.
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    You know for sure that you have my prayers. I just checked my e-mail and had one from you which I was hoping for because you lift me up so much in my thoughts. You have a very positive attitude, pass it to your brother and he will be fine. He has you and we all need more people like you in this world . He has my prayers. Cinder
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    I'm so sorry to hear what your family is going through. I also think it must be harder to watch someone you love go through this than it is to do it ourselves. You and your family have my prayers and hugs. Sandi
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    Hummingbyrd I am so so sorry to hear about your brother. I just had a friend go through treatment for prostate cancer and he is doing fine. Your brother and your family are certainly in my prayers and please keep us posted on how everyone is doing. God bless...Cheryl
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    I have read all your prayers for all of us and prayed for you also. I'm one year out of surgery, will be a year in Dec since radiation. My husband just finished IMRT for prostate cancer. He is 62 but it is not easy. then of course they want all the men to stay on Lupron which is difficult indeed. Please read and have your brother read Dr Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Caner available from Amazon. There is a lot about diet and of course the latest treament in there. His book on prostate cancer is a lot like Susan Love' on breast, kind of the bible. Let none of us forget the most important healer of all. God's Love Linda
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    I am so sorry to hear of your brother's problems. Not only will HE be in my prayers - but you and your parents will be also.

    You received your positive outlook from somewhere - so I believe your parents and brother have the same spark in them.

    Lots of hugs and may God bless....
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    You will most certainly have my prayers and know that the Good Lord is always watching over us in our most difficult hours. I know you realize that but sometimes we need to hear it again. You have been such an inspiration to me with your kind words. I have felt such comfort when I hear from you or read your responses to others here on this board. Just know that all your friends are here pulling for your brother, you and your parents. We are all here together and know that we love you and are always here for you in any way possible. John 14:27 "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid".

    Cast your burden upon the Lord, and he will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken. Psalm 55:22. These verses have helped me, I hope they help you.

    Sending all my thoughts and prayers your way, Hummer, hang tight and know that I am here, Angie
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    Our little hummingbird, as your name suggests you are small but so powerful. You came to me when I needed prayers and strength so know that I and all my prayers friends will pray for you, your family and especially your little brother. My "baby" brother has had prostate infections and it worries us all it could lead to cancer and he is my heart and soul. I feel some of your pain and I also, know God is with him. Pray and lean on God. Your experiences will be a blessing for helping your family and your brother. God will use you in many ways and you are powerful. Just reading the MANY responses to your request warms my heart for you. You are loved by many friends you never even met. Your strenght helped all of us to be better so, go fly away to be with your brother, little hummingbird. We will be fine it's time you let us help you.
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    Hey's me Hummingbrd. Gosh I am so sorry to hear about your brother's troubles and I am sending you and he as much white light and energy that I are in my heart.....Hummingbrd
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    so sorry to hear about your brother he has already been added on my prayer list
    Hang in there all of us together praying and talking to God we will get tru all we have been going tru.
    Love and hugs to you and your brother Mariat.
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    You have always been such an enormous source of support for all of us. I hope that things go as well as possible for your brother. Here in New York, when Mayor Giuliani developed prostate cancer, there was so much news made available to explain the fabulous range of choices available for men with prostate cancer now. If you look on the web for information, confine it to the past two years or so in order to keep touch with current information. A million blessings to both of you. You are a very good big sister. Your help will mean everything to him right now. Good thing we all gave you so much practice! Love, Denise
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    it is nice you have a name like hummingbird, I am a breast cancer survivor myself. My sister had inflammatory BC 3 yrs after my diagnosis, I was her primary caregiver, it killed my mom, she had lung cancer 6 months after my sister died, and she died 6 months after her own diagnosis...bottom line is, don't be scared, enjoy the time you have with them , it is truely nothing but a GIFT!! I will pray for you all, you will find a way to cope, u your brother and your whole family, light candles and pray...for peace and love
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    Hummingbyrd - sorry you and yur family hve to go through this - youv'e had enough on your plate. My husband had prostate cancer six years ago - elected to have the surgery - has been fine ever since. He was operated on at Johns Hopkins by Dr. Patrick Walsh, who recommended the surgery in his case (he was 57 at the time of diagnosis, which is considered young) I surely hope all goes well with your brother - there are advances made every day in the treatment of prostate cancer. I'll be thinking of you all. Love, Badger
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    hum: so sorry about your brother. What about some sort of chemo which they implant in the prostate and it has had good results. I hope the lung turns out to be non cancer. IN my prayers, cbecker
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    hum: so sorry about your brother. What about some sort of chemo which they implant in the prostate and it has had good results. I hope the lung turns out to be non cancer. IN my prayers, cbecker