Hysterectomy Results

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Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to let you know the results of my hysterectomy. The surgery was last Monday and I got the biopsy results Wednesday morning that the results of everything were negative including the tumor!!! Thank you Lord.

The only glitch was having to go back in for surgery a couple hours after the first surgery because of bleeding. I noticed hummingbyrd that your message to me on that day was about the time they brought me back in to surgery. I know your prayer helped and things were not as bad as they originally thought...thank you!

Now I'm dealing with having those parts of me gone. When I think of the cancer risks and how they have been reduced, I am so happy that I had the hysterectomy. I still have some sad moments when I think of those parts of me being gone; I guess that is normal?

Hope everyone is doing well and thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers...Cheryl


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    Praise the Lord! God is soooo good!
    A lot of women feel like you, almost like they aren't quite 'complete' after a hysterectomy. Just remember medically, the medication you were on had stopped all those parts from working anyway. I approached it as if they were already 'gone' they just hadn't been removed. Plus! You no longer have to worry with that tumor, praise God it was benign. You can put ovarian cancer, uterine cancer behind you and for me that was such a relief! Glad you are doing so well. YEAH! (((((HUGS))))) luv, hummer.
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    So glad to hear you got good news! Take care and give yourself time to heal. I think your feelings are very normal. Diane
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    I also have to deal with having an entire category of my body being removed, and it is definitely a good thing/bad thing. I am so very glad your results were excellent! Love, Denise