advice needed for mom with stage 4

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I am in need of any advice you have with the side effect of heartburn/acid reflux from her chemo or maybe not...she never had this problem before. My mom is now on prescription meds that are not working and the bubble in her chest is now causing her to actually get sick. Any suggestions? She has tried nexium, zantac, and mylanta so far!!


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    Hi indydaughter,

    My brother was taking nexium, but has recently been prescribed Protonix. Don't know if this would help your mom any better than the others--but it might be worth a try. Hope this helps. Take care.
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    Ahoy, indydaughter -

    (ANOTHER csn-er from Indiana? - Whaddya think, Stacy?)

    Anyway, I was taking Prilosec before I started chemo. I used compozine as well. And I ate Tums like candy. That was mostly at the beginning of my chemo regime. I got used to it over time.

    Have you discussed the reflux symptom with her doctor? It could be an indicator that there are other problems (dosage level, diet, bacterial infection, etc.) that s/he needs to address.

    Good for you looking out for your mom the way you are. She's lucky to have you. Hang tough, I know it can't be easy filling your shoes.

    Keeping you and your mom in my prayers,

    - SpongeBob
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    Thanks for the advice....I sent it on to MI and my mom said she would speak to her doctor about it on Thursday!!

    Thanks again for the help!!