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Well I went to my doctor today. What I thought was a air pocket is the actual implant. I guess my skin is so thin that the implant is right there. The reason I didn't notice right after surgery was because there was still swelling in that area. Unfortunatly this is the way it is going to look, unless I want more surgery and a smaller implant. It is not very pretty and infact is wrinkled and shaped very odd. I must of been thinking I would look like Pamela Anderson when this was all done, not like a wrinkled raisin with pockets that feel like there is air. I don't know how many of your implants have turned out. I would still have done reconstruction again if I new it would turn out like this for the simple fact I hated the prothesis. So not to discourage anyone, but I also wish I hadn't dreamed of a perfect or at least normal looking boob and would have been more realistic. No air in the boob so I can't even have my squeeky toy. I'll have to think of something good for the tatoo. Maybe the cartoon of the California raisins singing. Ha ha Cammie


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    Ohhh, Cammie

    I am sorry you have a wrinkled raisin - hope you told your doctor what you thought it looked like. He was probably just so glad you did not cry or get indignant. Somehow I'm guessing you didn't do either.

    I read your post twice and laughed both times - even though feeling for you that it wasn't at least a bit closer to Pamela Anderson. It sure helps to have a sense of humor with this crappy disease.

    Hugs, Jean
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    Cammie...think of it this way...Pamela Anderson attracts guys like Kid Rock! YIKES! Is he homely or what??

    I had a lumpectomy with a lymph node dissection. About 2 days after I had the drain out, I was walking into church and thought I had a bottle of water in my purse. It was my BOOB! It was sloshing around like you wouldn't believe. I stood there in the parking lot and jumped up and down a few times and yep, it was me! After that I just had to show my friends how my boob sounded. None seemed to be as impressed as I was. Hmmmm...maybe you have to be a bc survivor to think boob/implant jokes are funny.

    I think its great that you have a sense of humor about all of this. And don't give up hope about the final shape/position of your implant. There may still be some swelling.

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    Karen is right, precious. In 1998, a surgeon mentioned that it can take many years for the ultimate result to be seen.
  • OK. I am definitely going to mention to my plastic surgeon that I DO NOT want the "triangle" I currently have to show up in the permanent implant! (sticking out my side)
    I feel like a changing life form! Send me out to Mars!