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My primary care physician is recommending surgery to biopsy a complex cystic mass (about3cm) on my thyroid after having an ultrasound of the area. He wasn't very specific over the phone, but he felt that due to the size and nature of the growth that he wouldn't feel comfortable leaving it in even if needle biopsy showed that it was not malignant. He is sending me for a follow up appointment and consultation with a general surgeon to determine the best course of action. I feel like some sort of specialist should be involved, but I don't want to slow down the process when my health is at stake. Has anyone else been in a similar situation?


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    The mass in my neck was found by a P.A. He sent me on. The Dr. told me that a needle biopsy could miss the Cancer if any were there. I had three opionions and they all were primary and they all said surgery. I did not want to wait and called imediately to my P. A. and they had all tests run and the surgery three weeks later. It was Cancer and I feel that me pushing I had helped with getting it out of there. My surgeon was a general surgeon but very up to date on Cancer. Ask questions and you can be in good hands even at this point.
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    I had a nodule discovered in a routine physical by my GP. He immediately sent me to an endocrinologist who had an ultrasound done. It showed a nodule about 2cm, so I went for 2 needle biopsies. No history of thyroid problems in the family, but 1 biopsy showed possible papillary carcinoma and the other showed a calcified mass. The endocrinologist recommended it be removed to be sure. the surgeon removed half the thyroid and the nodule and a lymph node. It was papillary carcinoma, so I went back and had the other half removed. A result of the 2nd surgery left me with paralyzed vocal cords, but cancer free. 4 months after surgery I am still recovering from the vocal cord trauma but have been through the iodine free diet and radioiodine treatment with scan. It's a long process, so pace yourself and keep informed of your health and options!